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Parkinson – a daily challenge
Our Patient Service Parkinson offers you professional support that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s presents individuals with completely new challenges, and over time, these challenges increase for both patients and their social environment. As the complex condition progresses differently and can manifest a variety of symptoms, it is essential to adress patient´s individual needs. This requires efforts from both patients and their family members as well as medical professionals.

Individual support via telephone + ParkinsonGo TM
Our Patient Service Parkinson aims to provide professional support to patients and their families based on their specific needs. The preservation and improvement of your mobility are at the center of our approach, as it is closely linked to your quality of life. We understand that mobility can be a significant challenge for Parkinson’s patients, which is why we have developed ParkinsonGo TM, an app that analyzes gait quality and aims to improve mobility.

ParkinsonGo TM records the quality of your gait for several days using sensors attached to your shoes. By relating this information to your medical history, we can identify specific issues, measure progress, and work with you towards improvement. ParkinsonGo TM allows us to track your individual progress and provide you with tailored recommendations to enhance your mobility and increase your quality of life.

Our patient service not only offers the technological support of ParkinsonGo TM but also comprehensive guidance from our trained professionals. We are here to answer your questions, keep you updated on the latest developments in Parkinson’s research, and provide practical tips and advice on coping with the challenges of daily life. We want you to feel well-informed and supported.

Our telecoaching offerings for patients and family members

Contact us with your personal consultation requirements. Together we will find the right service package for you.
Here you can find a few examples:

Base Package

  • 3 hours of telephone consultation (flexible allocation)
  • 1-week gait monitoring using the ParkinsonGo TM app (prior)
  • 4 weeks of continued app usage.
  • Final report
  • For patients in a stable environment, to address questions and receive targeted recommendations

Seasonal Package

  • Seasonal Package 3-month duration
  • 2 appointments per month, 1 hour each of telephone consultation
  • Gait monitoring for 3 months
  • App usage
  • For patients and family members to establish a stable environment.
  • The most commonly chosen package

Situation-based Package

  • 1 hour of telephone consultation on a specific topic
  • For patients and family members facing sudden changes (e.g., vacation, disease progression, changes in living arrangements such as relocation)
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