Remote Patient Monitoring for clinical trials

Stepmetric is a digital medical device solution for remote patient monitoring, combining motion sensors with an intuitive smartphone app. Depending on the context of a clinical study, whether in the medical or pharmaceutical field, Stepmetric can be configured to suit the respective study design. Functionalities such as gait analysis, eDiary, and event documentation can be individually selected or deselected and are flexible in terms of content.

Gait analysis

Continuous gait monitoring from free movement

Standardized gait test (4x10m)


Self-assessment by participants

Medical history



Documentation of events occurring throughout the day (configurable based on the study)

Tips & videos

Integration and display of individual videos and tips (upon request)

Raw data access

Single step analysis

Data analysis (upon request)

Gait analysis

The core of Stepmetric is a precise gait analysis that enables researchers and medical professionals to collect valuable data on the movement quality of study participants in their daily lives. Subtle changes in gait patterns are presented in daily and long-term trends, leading to a better understanding of factors influencing mobility (e.g., disease progression, effectiveness of medications and therapies, etc.). Standardized gait tests complement the monitoring of free movement.


The eDiary feature of Stepmetric allows participants to document daily information required within the study context, such as general well-being, mobility, sleep quality, falls, etc. The content of the diary can be flexibly tailored to the specific need of a study.

Event documentation

Furthermore, Stepmetric allows for easy and efficient event documentation. Study participants can report disease-specific symptoms, medication intake, pain, and other important information that occurs throughout the day directly in the app, without the need for duplication in the diary.

Stepmetric – Turning Data into Insights

Configurability based on study design

Multilingual: German/French/English.

Results ready for publication

Research collaborations and data analysis

Benefit from our extensive experience in research collaborations and data analysis. Our dedicated team is here to support you in making your research project a success. Together, we transform data into valuable insights.

Inside the app

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