Mobile GaitLab clinic

Precise Gait Analysis for Research and Routine Care

Mobile GaitLab Clinic offers doctors and medical professionals an effective solution for assessing the gait quality of patients with movement disorders. Whether it’s for diagnostic support, disease monitoring, or use in clinical trials, Mobile GaitLab Clinic enables precise and immediate analysis of gait patterns.

Measurement of Therapy Effects

Fast and objective feedback on the level of therapy effectiveness.

Disease Progress Monitoring

Objective gait parameters provide detailed insights into changes since the last examination.

Clinical Trial Endpoint

Comprehensive analysis data on gait improvement as an endpoint in a clinical trial. Raw data is also available upon request for further statistical analysis.

Objective Data – Improved Comparability

Using standardized gait tests, patients’ gait patterns are captured and processed into biomechanical parameters such as gait speed, stride length, Heel-strike and toe-off angles, gait symmetry etc. This creates an objective and rater-independent data source that provides valuable insights for treatment situations. Thanks to standardized tests, the results can be easily compared, and changes over time can be tracked.

Ease of Use – Immediate Results

Mobile GaitLab Clinic is user-friendly and portable. Gait tests can be conducted in various environments, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, or even at the patients’ homes.

Small motion sensors are attached to the patients’ shoes, and the user-friendly software on a tablet captures and analyzes gait quality during the tests. The scope and type of gait tests can be adjusted through the configuration options of Mobile GaitLab Clinic to meet the requirements of different movement disorders.

Test results are displayed immediately and also prepared in a report.

Research Collaborations and Data Analysis

Benefit from our extensive experience in research collaborations and data analysis. Our dedicated team is here to support you in making your research project a success. Together, we transform data into valuable insights.


Immediate analysis on the tablet

Detailed gait analysis reports

Quick and easy handling