Portabiles HCT is delighted to win EIT Health’s DiGinnovation Challenge: €350K investment will make the app “ParkinsonGo” fit for the German and French markets

It was an exciting few days until the announcement of the winners of EIT Health’s DiGinnovation Challenge. After all, the chance of being selected was only 50 percent after several hard-fought selection rounds, and the remaining competitors were just as high-calibre.

Last week, however, EIT Health announced at its EIT Health Summit in Stockholm that Portabiles, along with the Polish start-up Prosoma, can look forward to a € 350 K investment.  “It makes me proud that we were able to convince the experienced jury of EIT Health of ParkinsonGo,” mentioned CEO Steidl. “The financial support and technical expertise of the EIT Health network will help us make our smart solution for a better care of Parkinson’s patients ready for reimbursement in the German and French markets. The innovative product is a digital assistance system, consisting of an app and sensor technology, which provides Parkinson’s patients with individualised support in living with their disease and enables them to lead a higher quality life.

The DiGinnovation Challenge was explicitly aimed at start-ups and SMEs planning the market entry of a digital health app in Europe.

Overall, Portabiles and Prosoma beat out more than 30 other participants from all over Europe.

Learn more: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/diginnovation/