Gait analysis and patient app for individualized therapy decisions

Parkinson’s patients more and more lose their ability to move in the course of their lives. Their gait is particularly affected. In the advanced stage of the disease, phases of good walking ability and poor walking ability alternate several times a day, up to so-called freezing.

Deterioration of gait is also a cardinal symptom in many other chronic diseases (e.g. neurological, geriatric or orthopaedic diseases) and often causes falls. Poor movement phases can be improved with medication in Parkinson’s patients – however, adjustment to patient-specific medication can take months or even require hospitalisation.

Mobile Gaitlab offers a telemedical care concept that enables a significantly faster and more targeted medication adjustment with the help of information from the patient’s everyday life. 

The MDR-certified medical device is a combination of an app, intelligent gait analysis algorithms and motion sensors that patients attach to their shoes and wear in everyday life. Patient’s gait pattern is continuously recorded and analysed. Any progression of the disease is data-based and thus objective. Furthermore, patients enter subjective information about symptom events and their well-being via a diary within the app.

Mobile GaitLab adapts to the respective health and treatment status of the patients through different gait analysis modes and can thus accompany them individually in their everyday life.

The daily reports show how the gait quality, activity and well-being of the patients change over the course of the day and over a period of weeks. This information as well as validated disease-specific parameters are also available to the treating neurologist. He thus receives close feedback on the effect of his therapy – which enables rapid, patient-centred therapy optimisation. 

Patients benefit from Mobile GaitLab through:

  • a better gait pattern
  • more targeted contact to the doctor
  • better quality of life
  • more patient sovereignty

Mobile GaitLab is also used in clinical research to prove the effectiveness of new therapies.

Mobile GaitLab is a class I Medical Device (MDR).