Mobile GaitLab

Clinical grade gait analysis for optimized therapy

Continuously worn sensors integrated in patient´s shoes deliver objective information about deterioration of gait in chronic movement disorders. This data supports clinicians in their diagnostic workup routine and allows for individual therapy in order to prevent falls. The miniaturized gait analysis system “Mobile GaitLab” will globally address patients with different chronic diseases.

Deterioration of human gait is a cardinal symptom in many chronic diseases (e.g. neurologic, geriatric, and orthopaedic diseases) and the cause for most falls of elderly. Subsequently, maintaining the ability to walk by medication or physiotherapy constitutes one of the major targets in therapy for patients with movement disorders.

An objective analysis of a patient´s gait supports:

  1. Telehealth therapy:
    Integrated into a telehealth care concept Mobile GaitLab allows a precise medication adjustment within a few weeks for patients with Parkinson´s Disease and patients with geriatric movement impairment. The physicians are able to remotely evaluate the condition of their patients to optimize the therapy. Costly hospitalization and its burden for the patient can thus be avoided.
  2. Prove of efficacy of new drugs:
    Gait represents a relevant outcome in numerous clinical trials for drug approval. Mobile GaitLab supports the pharmaceutical industry by providing the difficult evidence of improvement of the patient’s quality of life i.e. by measuring the patient’s mobility.
  3. Detection of a patients’ individual risk of falling:
    Falls do not suddenly “occur”, they arise progressively over time. By early detecting a critical worsening of gait the risk of falling could be reduced significantly in the elderly population.

Monitoring the patient’s gait in his home environment allows for

  • a better understanding of the disease progress
  • an early detection of complications or deterioration of gait
  • finding the best treatment.

Our gait analysis system “Mobile GaitLab” consists of motion sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope) integrated into the patient’s shoes. The easy-to-use-system will analyse the gait of patients suffering from chronic diseases during their activities of daily living. Due to a unique technological approach Mobile GaitLab ensures a continuous measuring of the dynamics and the quality of gait. Using validated, high-end algorithms, we will be able to provide clinical grade gait parameters from activities of daily living to the therapist, displayed on a tablet or by using a telehealth platform. Our objective is to support therapists with clinically relevant information, allowing them to change and optimize their therapy regime – solely based upon data acquired by Mobile GaitLab.

We will provide two product variants:
1) for diagnostic workup routine at hospital or doctor´s practise
2) for telehealth treatment at patient´s home

Mobile GaitLab will be a class IIa Medical Device.